Our approach to periodontal disease is to both educate and demonstrate proven techniques to patients to help them understand where things are going wrong and furthermore how to rectify them. We believe good periodontal health is a team effort between us and the patient, and without one aspect it is impossible to succeed.

Initial Assessment
Our Hygiene journey always begins with an Initial Assessment by our Hygienist, following a referral from your dentist. This is usually a 20 minute appointment and
comprises of :

  • Review of medical history
  • Discussion about any symptoms and causes for concern
  • BPE (Basic Periodontal Examination)
  • Full periodontal charting of pockets, bleeding and mobility (only for patients with BPE 3+)
  • Oral health Instruction tailored for each individual patient
  • Soft tissue check
  • A full scale and a polish, if appropriate
  • Arrange further appointments with the patient as necessary.

Patients who need minimal intervention ( BPE 0-2) usually only need this appointment
before being recommended their maintenance plan. Patients who require more complex therapy (bpe 3+) will now usually be scheduled for Periodontal Management

Periodontal Management
After the initial consultation and following the prescription from your dentist, patients who require complex therapy will attend appointments to Manage their disease. These appointments are scheduled to tackle the main problems and risk factors causing the disease and can vary in length and frequency depending on need. Some appointments will require the use of local anaesthetic, local antimicrobials or high fluoride varnishes, all of which will have been predetermined by your dentist.

Periodontal Maintenance
Following periodontal management, it is imperative that the oral health is maintained. This is determined by your dentist but can be advised from your hygienist also. Our maintenance visits comprise of both routine cleaning and also reinforcing oral health techniques. We also offer a cosmetic air polishing service, along with these visits to enhance your new smile. These visits can take place at different intervals depending on need, but ultimately we as a team would like your periodontal health to improve. Therefore, we will be aiming to reduce intervals and shorten treatment times. This will not only lead you to have better oral health, but will also save you money.